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MBS, BA. 20 years embedded in Community Management + Leadership. Multilingual. Passionate lifelong learner. Francophile. Proud Cambodian-American. Positive Community Builder. Science + Society Enthusiast. Proud Nerd. Diplomatic. Strategic Planning. Friendly + approachable. Empathetic. Detail-oriented.

Ideal job traits in candidate

So what did you pick? Did you find it hard to choose just 1 answer? Don’t you wish you could find all of those traits rolled into one, nice, petite person? That’s me! I have all of those qualities and so much more. I hope you’ll be able to see what I bring to the team from looking around this site.

My work philosophy is that it’s not just about what technical skills you bring to the job but also about how you can make a positive difference in other peoples’ lives. From looking at my résumé, you could reason that I must have a plethora of technical skills in order to achieve the things I’ve been able to achieve–and you would be right–but I also have been very fortunate to have people who believed in me as much as I believe in myself, and they’ve allowed me to bring that special something to the team: the “X factor.” In terms of what I bring to a company, team, and community, I have that X factor to take projects above and beyond.

I’m an eccentric academic, meaning that I’m constantly, actively learning everywhere and all the time. My mind is always pulling different fields together in a relatable way and seeing how I can apply what I learn in one field to solve a question in another one.

Strategy, trend forecasting, crises management, and sound decision making (after visualizing all options and results) are intuitive to me. Sometimes I think that it’s because I’m a middle child, ambidextrous, exact Astrological Cuspian, and I grew up first-generation-Cambodian-after-the-genocide-but-well-assimilated-into-suburban-America. Other times, I think it’s because I’m not afraid of failure or risks, and so I’m extremely honest and will step back, take an “outside-in” view of what’s going on all around the world, and I’ll actually predict the possible, very realistic scenarios that can occur later on down the line. The ability of balancing my natural extroversion with regular introspection can be seen most recently applied in thinking about my future and the kind of impact I want short and long-term (read about it here).

Truthfully, I’ve been hungry for that kind of knowledge and seeking it out ever since I was little. I never thought of myself as a kid when I was a child, but instead thought of myself as a “mini adult.” Now, I’m a real adult who has kept that insatiable appetite for knowledge about what makes our world tick and how we can make it better.

In reality, I just really love people and getting to know them. I think every person has a special story, and if we reached out to each other more, we could find a lot of solutions through shared experiences and collaborations. This is what I love to do as a Community Organizer, leader, and team player. Being an optimistic problem solver and motivator is what I give back to those around me, and I create nurturing environments that allow others to do the same.

Life isn’t a competition, but a collaboration. This is the way we are headed.


Thank you for stopping by my portfolio and reading a little bit about how my mind works!

If you are curious to learn more about me, please feel free to play with my interactive résumé (soon-to-be available) and visit my social channels. Or you could always Google me–as my sister and I joke, I’m very searchable! I’ve also included a downloadable pdf version of my résumé, in case you would like to see that instead.

Have a lovely day!


Music connects all of us. Learning songs in foreign languages is a favorite hobby of mine. "Gole Yakh" was a surprise hit video I posted in 2012 for a few friends that suddenly went viral in Iran December 2014. I had friends telling me that their uncles, aunts, parents, and friends in Iran and the States were telling them to watch this video and they recognized me! It was shared all over Iran news and on popular Iranian social media accounts. Because of singing in a foreign language, trying, and sharing it, I have been able to meet some very kind people I would not have crossed paths with otherwise! It's this kind of surprise connection that brings us closer together in this world and helps us understand each other's similarities and differences. Learning about people, cultures, and languages through diverse music helps me bridge across countries.

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