Medical Philanthropy: Healthy Monks in Philadelphia

Follow us this weekend as we provide free healthcare screenings and services to monks at a Lao Temple in Philly!
Follow us this weekend as we provide free healthcare screenings and services to monks at a Lao Temple in Philly!

Very, very proud and excited to announce that one of the projects I’ve been building is for Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). 

We have so many events already lined up for the year, so our members will have plenty of opportunities to be a part of something very special and meaningful. The committed and stellar Executive Board, along with our dedicated and talented advisors (Dr. Dianzheng Zhang, PhD & Dr. Charmaine Chan, DO) welcomed many innovative ideas I passionately presented to them by appointing me APAMSA Community Service Chair! This appointment means a lot to me because I genuinely love our organization and am proud of what APAMSA accomplishes every year. Our goal this year is to expand the reach of the organization and increase the value in joining by identifying our vision and scalable involvements. We want people to realize that APAMSA is not just for Asians–it’s for all young professionals and future healthcare professionals who care about the large and diverse Asian-American patient population. For example, 47% of Asian-Americans in Philadelphia do not speak English proficiently, and yet these are our very real patient communities. When our students go out into the real world of their careers, how can we help them address this gap? How can we help them build lasting, meaningful relationships with their growing and diverse patient populations?

Diversity is our world. 

Oftentimes, there are cultural misunderstandings or language barriers, so we created as an opportunity to increase partnerships with everyone striving for this same goal in Philadelphia.

We also are in the middle of launching innovative game changing programs for our members: Medical Mandarin and a community language series: Intro to Khmer, Intro to Vietnamese, and even Intro to French.

Many Asians who don’t speak English proficiently are likely to speak French. We want to empower our members with unique skills that they can use to bridge communities and build meaningful relationships well past their studies, and we want to provide them with the opportunities to gain confidence in practicing with these skills in real communities.

Coming up this weekend is our first event: Healthy Monks

APAMSA joins with Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) and professional students from PCOM’s Psychology department in servicing monks and the surrounding community at a Lao Temple in Philadelphia.

To read more about our efforts and learn a little, join us at!

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