Google’s 100,000 Stars: Interactive Space

This is a GLORIOUS and user-friendly interactive, enhanced from the original at Chrome Experiments launched in 2012 by Google Data Arts Team(bravo, guys!). Michael Chang, from the Data Arts Team in 2012, actually detailed the building process of the project on an html5rocks tutorial. He used THREE.js and CSS3D to visualize stars in the the Milky Way, plotted every star in‘s HYG database, …and the list goes on.

Michael Chang even provides the code to explain how he generated the images:

How to Texture Scroll Michael Chang

So now when you look at the current version of 100,000 Stars and see how interactive, how user-friendly it is…you can be even more amazed after realizing where this project came from and who made it!

Image on the left: 100,000 Stars as released via Chrome Experiments in 2012

Image on the right: Interactive version as currently available on Chrome (zoom in/out + more!)


Well, what are you waiting for? Go forth, open up Google Chrome, and…

 explore Space with Google!


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